Nitin Gupta


Quantitative Data Technologies

I am the founder of Quantitative Data Technologies, a consulting firm specializing in data analytics and modeling. I have deep expertise in the application of data science and machine learning that provide actionable insights from data.

Previously, I worked at a leading hedge fund, where I built automated trading systems and systematic investing strategies.


  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Investment Management


Investment Strategy Diversification

By all conventional and even some unconventional measures, the US stock market is trading way beyond historical valuation averages and …

Luck in Rebalance Timing

An important and often overlooked topic was raised by Corey Hoffstein at NewFound Research. Here are his first couple of tweets on that …

Building blocks of systematic investment strategies

It is important to understand the building blocks of systematic investing strategies before learning how to build them. Here is a …

Data Science

How Much Do Swimmers Improve in a Season?

In my previous post, we’ve seen how kids improve year-by-year in swimming. Certainly kids get stronger and faster as they grow. But how …

A Deep Dive in Analyzing Swimming Data

This past summer, my daughter joined a swim team. Her team is among several teams that are part of an area league. All summer long, …

How would you bet? Lessons from a Biased Coin Flipping Experiment

Recently I listened to a podcast featuring Victor Haghani of Elm Partners, who described a fascinating coin-flipping experiment. The …

Text Analysis of Amazon Shareholder Letters

Amazon is led by its charismatic founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, who is widely hailed as one of the top visionaries of this era. At the …

Building a Predictive Typing Model

Everyone using a smartphone or a mobile device has used an onscreen smart keyboard that tries to predict the next set of words that the …

Web Apps

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Market Dashboard

An overview of major markets using representative ETFs

Historical Performance of Stocks

A dashboard to see a current snapshot and compare the historical performance of stocks and ETFs.

Predictive Typing Shiny App

Demonstrates a predictive typing engine built using ngram with backoff prediction model. The app suggests top 3 words to use next, as …