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In my previous post, we’ve seen how kids improve year-by-year in swimming. Certainly kids get stronger and faster as they grow. But how much impact does practice and coaching have? As I mentioned in my previous post, coaches do not keep a record of attendance during practice. There are daily hour long practice sessions during the summers. But even though it isn’t known how regular the kids are in attending practice, the number of meets that a kid participates in during the season, can be a good proxy.


This past summer, my daughter joined a swim team. Her team is among several teams that are part of an area league. All summer long, developmental and competitive meets are organized where teams compete on a one-to-one basis. All kids in a team swim in developmental meets. For competitive meets, top 3 or 4 kids are chosen by age groups. Meets are organized in community pools that are either 25 meters or 25 yards in length.


Recently I listened to a podcast featuring Victor Haghani of Elm Partners, who described a fascinating coin-flipping experiment. The experiment was designed to be played for 30 minutes by participants in groups of 2-15 in university classrooms or office conference rooms, without consulting each other or the internet or other resources. To conduct the experiment, a custom web app was built for placing bets on a simulated coin with a 60% chance of coming up heads.


By all conventional and even some unconventional measures, the US stock market is trading way beyond historical valuation averages and is closer to all time highs. Passive stock index investors have enjoyed a period of extraordinary gains in one of the longest running bull markets. No other major asset class has come close in the last 7 years. Well diversified portfolios have had lackluster returns while the stock market keeps making new highs.


An important and often overlooked topic was raised by Corey Hoffstein at NewFound Research. Here are his first couple of tweets on that topic: Indeed, this is about rebalance timing and how little attention it gets. Within the construct of a systematic strategy, this is a part of the Execution Model. The Black Box Revealed Courtesy: Inside the Black Box - The Simple Truth about Quantitative Trading by Rishi Narang



Predictive Typing Shiny App

Demonstrates a predictive typing engine built using ngram with backoff prediction model. The app suggests top 3 words to use next, as the user types.

Historical Performance of Stocks

A dashboard to see a current snapshot and compare the historical performance of stocks and ETFs.