Text Analysis of Amazon Shareholder Letters

Amazon is led by its charismatic founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, who is widely hailed as one of the top visionaries of this era. At the end of the fiscal year in March, Amazon publishes a letter to shareholders written by Bezos, in which he summarises his thoughts, business and management philosophy. While reading these letters, among other things that strikes is Bezos’ clarity of thought, expressed in a concise and easy to comprehend way.

Building a Predictive Typing Model

Everyone using a smartphone or a mobile device has used an onscreen smart keyboard that tries to predict the next set of words that the user might want to type. Typically, upto 3 words are predicted, which are displayed in a row at the top of the keyboard. Given that typing on a glass pane without tactile feedback, could be very frustrating at times, the smart keyboard goes a long way in alleviating these issues.